Madness takes its toll

Senator Mary Jo Fisher has been charged with allegedly stealing groceries from a supermarket and assaulting a security guard who apprehended her. She stands trial in September.

This sort of stuff is pretty common. Or maybe it’s just pretty common in media reports.

The Woman’s Day ran a nice ladylike article back in 1993, Why Nice Women Steal, on a few “respectable wives and mothers” who steal millions of dollars’ worth of merchandise from stores every year. Tell someone who cares, I only want to hear about the famous ones.

Like former Miss USA, Shannon Marketic, who was arrested for stealing $90 of merchandise from a Target in Texas. Oooooh, embarrassing! This is the same lady who sued the Sultan of Brunei back in 1997 for keeping her as sex slave.

Recently, the wife of a Mayor in New Jersey was picked up on shoplifting charges after attempting to leave a grocery store in a Mall with an estimated $1,300 in stolen goods. That’s a lot of groceries!

A popular Toronto politician, Mel Lastman, was so incensed at media reports of his wife shop-lifting, he threatened to kill a TV reporter.

And was it Bill Hayden’s wife who …?

Meanwhile, back in Adelaide, the police apprehension report is that

  • Fisher allegedly took foodstuffs valued at $92.92 from a Foodland supermarket in the Adelaide suburb of Frewville.
  • Fisher allegedly assaulted a female security guard in the supermarket carpark when the guard sought to stop her from leaving.

Is it karma for the dance routine?


  1. says

    What would $1300 worth of groceries look like? Diamonds maybe or gold, but T-bones and canned goods?