Granny needs a Gearbox

Who invented those automatic transmission devices? Some young lad, I bet you.

Why can’t they leave well enough alone?

I adjusted to the milk and wine in cardboard boxes. I coped with the new weather and, although I still think in fahrenheit, I’m crash hot with how much rain fell in millilitres. I can use an EFTPOS, an ATM and a MYKI, record DVDs from TV, set my pedometer for the morning walk and push the buttons on the phone. I can even send an email!

But as for automatic transmissions, take my word for it, they can be deadly.

What happened to Beryl could happen to you!

My friend Beryl, a gentle non-assuming soul from the far western suburbs, recently was placed in grave danger by the presence of a malevolent automatic transmission.

She was going about her business on a Sunday afternoon collecting casseroles for a local fund-raiser. She does these admirable things to knock off some Purgatory time but what happened to her should wipe her slate completely clean.

It was a long afternoon with numerous stops in one-way streets causing the necessity of frequently reversing while ignoring the misdirections from well-meaning bystanders. It was hot, dry and dusty, as only the west can be and Beryl was looking forward to getting home for a nice cup of tea.

When she pulled up outside her house the automatic transmission struck!

It refused to part with the key. So there was Beryl, stuck in a car and no way to get the key out of the ignition. Worse was to come.

As callous pedestrians sauntered past, Beryl begged them for assistance. Not one of them stopped.

Overcome with the horror of it all, Beryl locked all the windows and doors and gave herself up to despair. Sadly, after some hours she slumped into an hallucinatory semi comatose state which did all sorts of damage to her brain. They say she will never be quite the same again.

This story does have a happy ending. Beryl was eventually rescued but what if she had been on a lonely road?