Give me Google Glasses

Will we all look like this next year?

Google is now showing off the augmented reality glasses project, “Project Glass

The glasses have some sort of connection by wireless, you can stay online, wired in all day, if you want to chat to people as you go about your business.

I think that’s how they work. I’ve never been much good at science, no heart for it really, particularly after the incident in grade four with Sister Martina.

Video Teaser

There’s a video which explains things so much better than I possibly could.

Have a look at the video, “One day…,” shows how Google’s glasses might work. Do you reckon this would work for you?

We can see this bloke doing things he would usually do on his phone – scheduling meetings, taking pictures, checking the weather, getting directions, and placing a video call.

The information simply hovers over the top of his glasses and he’s controlling the interface by voice.

I’m a bit clumsy at the best of times and there’s a distinct possibility that I’ll walk into a pole, but at least I won’t be driving. I’ll be relaxing on the train, looking over into unfamiliar backyards, taking videos through the window with the flick of an eyelash and sending them to my friend, Beryl.

I just hope the train driver won’t be wearing his own Google Glasses