Be Prepared to Meet your Past

It was one of those mornings when I hadn’t tried very hard with myself. I only wanted to pop up to the local shop to pick up some fresh bread, so I didn’t obsess over my wardrobe.

There’s nothing wrong with old track suit pants and running shoes although the antiques I was wearing had originally been dragged on for comfort.

My saggy, baggy Tee shirt was clean, but always made me look top heavy (let’s face it I’m top heavy anyway) but I was too lazy to change it. I had been feeling too lazy to apply make up as well. Just gave myself a quick wash and pulled a comb through my hair.

I wasn’t expecting to run into someone I knew 40 years ago. Especially when the particular someone was an old flame.

Has this ever happened to you?

There I was, innocently ordering my knot roll (no seeds) for lunch, and a small brown loaf, sliced to toast thickness, when some old codger flashed me a leer. Naturally I ignored him. I was brought up to ignore leering men of any age.

It got worse, he addressed me by name ..

“I’d know you anywhere, Queenie!”

I had a good look at the old codger. Nope, no one I knew.

It’s me“, he said, like a six year old when you ask who’s behind the door.

I took another look. The hair was no clue – he had none. The eyes were impossible to see behind thick glasses. Who was the old creep?

Only when he gave me his name did I realise he was once a sort-of-handsome young chap, and one very taken with me.

Immediately I was aware of my old baggy clothes, my complexion au naturelle and the tatty running shoes. This old chap was remembering a slim young girl who liked to dance and it beats me how he recognised me at all.

Take a lesson from this. Never go up to the shops without dressing as well as you can and spend a bit of time on your face to look your best.

Be prepared. You may meet your past.