Another Corpse at the Queen’s back door

It’s way past time that the Queen’s gardeners did a thorough clean up of the undergrowth around her backyard. In this case, the foliage around her weekend retreat at Sandringham.

Sadly, the body of a teenage girl was found in an area popular for Royal pheasant and partridge shoots.

To be fair, it wasn’t so easy to stumble across the remains of the 17 year old, the holiday cottage in Norfolk and its gardens make up 24 hectares and there are a further 240 hectares of woods and open countryside. There are also 2 stud farms and a fruit farm with over 100 full-time staff.

Is there something about the Queen and her various residences that encourages these tragedies? As reported earlier, a body was found near her patio at Buckingham Palace recently. Or does the Queen just happen to have commandeered the only places left in England that offer a bit of shrubbery?

Here she is driving herself about on her estate, from a stud farm to the kennels where her hunting dogs are based. She encounters rabbit poachers on the way.