Make Washing Powder

Cath makes enough washing powder for a year for under $10. It depends on how much washing you do of … [Read More...]


Make Wool Wash

It's simple to make your own wool wash and then you have the added advantage of knowing exactly … [Read More...]

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How to Clean the Sink

My sink holds dirty dishes and standing rinsing water. I clean the cat's bowls in there … [Read More...]


How to Clean the Fridge

If there's one thing that reveals your true self - it's your fridge. Mine is always … [Read More...]

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How to Boil Things

There was a time when cooking meant boiling. And I mean boiling. That was the style in my mother's … [Read More...]


How to Poach an Egg

I like a poached egg plonked, all by itself, on a piece of toast but there are all sorts of ways to … [Read More...]

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