The Long Road ahead

The Long Road Ahead

February marks the month of famine Misery abounds. Following medical orders, I've thrown away the fags and the comfort of a small glass of sherry at the end of the day. … [Read More...]

More How to Cook Things

More How to Clean Things

Alfred says that the secret to a long life is simply “waking up every morning”. Deep, Alfie, deep. I appreciate waking up every morning too. It was about 80 years ago when the great-great-grandfather’s sister-in-law handed him a pair of knitting needles and some wool for the first time. She told him to knit a […]


Lamb Navarin

Strange how a French name for an ordinary dish sounds better than than it should. Lamb Navarin is lamb stew with … [Read More...]


Winter Pastie

I've called this a Winter Pastie as I tend to make them in the cooler months. No reason really, just that I tend to … [Read More...]